Vegetable Garden Beginners

It is not impossible to harvest 100 pounds of tomatoes from 100 square feet growing area. All you need to do is have some patience and work in the right direction. No need to buy vegetables from the supermarket when you can grow them at home. Today in this post you will learn how to start a Vegetable Garden.

Let’s start

Small Start:

If you are a beginner gardener then start from a small vegetable garden. Because it is best to get motivated by what you get in a limited space. Rather than frustrated by the time commitment that a big size garden required. It is also a wise decision to learn some gardening basic before spending a large amount of money on growing big. Spring and summer are the best time to start home gardening.

10×10 feet is the perfect growing area to start. Choose 4 vegetables that you and your family like to eat every week. Then grow them in the area in portions. Do not mix them with each other. If you feel you can increase the number of vegetables and also decrease the vegetable garden square feet area.

Choose the perfect location:

Choosing a good location in your garden for the new vegetable plants is the most important step. Every vegetable has a different taste and health benefits. but overall their needs are similar. Here is how to choose the perfect site.

Sunny place: Every plant on the earth required sunlight to grow and produce flowers and fruits. Vegetables also need sunlight to grow and develop their taste. Roughly 7 hours of sunlight is a must for every vegetable plant.

But if you are growing green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach. They just need 4 hours of direct light and then shade.

Well-drained and moist Soil:

Plant your vegetable plants in well-drained soil but remember the soil should have moisture content in it. For a vegetable garden, you do not any specific type of soil to start gardening. We all know every vegetable plant required some amount of nutrients to grow. If you want to grow organic vegetables in your garden. Then do not use synthetic chemical-based fertilizers.

Instead of that use organic fertilizers. For best results mix some home-made organic compost in your garden soil. Compost increases soil fertility. It also helps the soil to retain a good percentage of moisture in it.

Do not use garden soil in the containers. For container gardening, you should use a potting mix.

Stable Growing conditions:

To start a vegetable garden, choose a stable place. Plants do not like to grow in an unstable growing place. Protect your plants from sudden strong winds, hot air, and heatwaves.

Top 5 vegetables to grow in the early days of your home garden.

Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuce, Beets, Carrots.

Fertilizers for the vegetable garden:

If you like to grow for commercial purposes in your garden then you need to use vegetable fertilizers. Miracle grow is the top manufacturer of houseplant and vegetable plant fertilizers. They made liquid and powdered fertilizers.

You can also make fertilizers at home by using your kitchen waste. But this is a time-consuming method. For a commercial vegetable garden, you need quick production, and this cycle continues like this.

We hope you like this article and now you know how to start a vegetable garden.

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